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Updated: 4/9/2005

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hooters001.jpg A picture request from Julie (the fox).  Looking ahead to the not-too-distant future, we see her and her friend Erica (the skunk) in their careers as Hooters girls. :)
tigermouse005.jpg I like tigermice.  There's something intrinsically entertaining about the idea of a cute, tiny little creature that's so ferocious. :D  I think I'd draw more of them, if those stripes weren't such a pain to color.
Oh, and this is the inked and colored version of this pencil drawing. :)
yo_001.jpg Just a random gift image from the muse.  Yo! Skunkie homegirl! :)
tabby001.jpg A generic cute and cuddly plump cat girl.  Mmmm... doesn't she look all snuggly? :)
fierce001.jpg A fierce skunkette, apparently from some sort of primitive furry tribe. :)
jackal001.jpg A jackal gal.  I think she's dancing... or just skipping about in high spirits.  Or maybe she spotted the Duff Blimp. :D
houri001.jpg Harem raccoon.  I think this turned out quite well. :)
rescue001.jpg A daring, old fashioned, mid-air rescue. :)

Free cupcake if you can identify the inspiration for her hat. :D

farmmouse002.jpg I have this vague idea for a character in my head, and I was trying to work out the details of what she should look like....  This isn't it. :/  I'll try again later.
heads027.jpg I've been suffering from a case of "artist's" block for the past few weeks.  In an attempt to get unstuck, I reverted to an old trick of drawing random heads/faces.  Well... I suppose they look a little better now than they did several years ago, when I used to do this all the time, but it didn't really help stir the muse.
Oh, I suppose the block will clear up eventually.  It always has before.
partygirl002.jpg You know, this really is not intended to be as preachy as it might look.  I just find inpiration (if I'm lucky) even in the less glamorous of life's intense events.  I'm not trying to wag a finger here, even though wild parties aren't my idea, of fun.  I just find this little drama to be somewhat sublime, in the 'Joseph Campbell' sense of the word.
Oh, and it's the inked and colored version of this picture. :)
farmmouse003.jpg Still working out what I want my new 'farm mouse' character to look like.  I think this is about right for the head. :)
farmmouse004.jpg Getting closer, but still not quite what I'm looking for...
farmmouse005.jpg Ok, this is about how I imagined her.  You can probably get the gist of the character from the name and this pose.  She's just a wild mouse who lives on a farm, eeking out a precarious living.  The idea is that the farm is run by larger, more 'civilized' furs, (cats, I suppose), who will kill her if they can.
beachball002.jpg Here's the inked and colored version of this picture.  Get it? Beachball? See, she's so round in several areas? Aw, never mind. :)
head057.jpg doodles007.jpg Yep.  That's right.  Still suffering from artist's block.  I think I felt the muse stir a couple of times this week, though, particularly at some picture requests I received.  I'll give them a try this week, and see if they can't stir my muse from her slumber.

Of course, I think it'll also help that the days are getting longer and the weather warmer, that I completed a stressful project at work, and that some minor surgery I need to have will be over and done with, but I'd never downplay the role that picture requests play in helping new pictures pop into my head. :)

wetvixen001.jpg One of the drawing suggestions which helped break me loose from my "artist's" block (thanks Megan!).  Let's hope it stays gone for a while. :)  A vixen emerges from the shower, with her hair artfully protecting her modesty... which is why she doesn't have to go in the 'adult' section. ;)
VelvetPure001.jpg VelvetPure002.jpg A portrait request for a character named Velvet Pure.

I don't normally try to shade or 'color' my pencil drawings, but this character is a black mouse with white stripes.  Depicting these markings using only my mechanical pencil leaves something to be desired, but I can't think of any other way to show them.  I think I can make them look better with proper colored pencils... at least, I hope so.

Velvet Pure is ©2005 by her player.

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