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Updated: 1/22/2005

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mommy002.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of the "Mouse Mommy" picture.  I think this is one of my all-time favorite pictures to date. :)
raider001.jpg I had a bit of a struggle with the muse on this one, and in the end, I think I lost.  The concept is pretty cute: a 'Tomb Raider' type, who's not always been as lucky in her exploits as Lara Croft, but despite having taken her lumps, is still in the business.  I just couldn't get the particulars to click, though, and in the end I tried to force it, resulting in this mess.  Feh. :P
partygirl001.jpg Here's the life of the party!

Aw, but she's having so much fun!

beachball001.jpg You know... I'm not sure much needs to be said about this picture.   Beachball... get it? She's so round? :D
cavebunny002.jpg Inked and colored version of cavebunny001.jpg.  Don't ask where she got those furs that she's wearing.  You probably don't want to know. ;)

I should also admit that this bunny lady is rather heavily influenced by Buzz - in fact, the original concept on my idea pile was for a 'cavebunny Buzz' picture - but it's not actually that character.  Perhaps it's one of Buzz's ancestors. :)

Azali'penda_001.jpg A picture of my friend Larissa as a cheetah.  For some rather complicated personal reasons, it was very important that it look uniquely like her, and not like any other cheetahs I may have drawn in the past.  For some even more complicated reasons, this was potentially more of a challenge than you might imagine.  I believe that I succeeded very well, though, and I am very happy with this picture.  I think it is a good represention of her in furry form, and even captures a bit of her nature and personality. :)

PS. That's a Puerto Rican flag, and not a Cuban one.  Without color, they look the same.  It'll be clearer when I ink and color this picture, but she's Boricua. :)

trooper002.jpg I got a bit adventurous with the colors in this picture, but I find the result quite striking. :)  It's the inked and colored version of trooper001.jpg.
Kitty001.jpg A picture I'm working on for Kitty VanTreblis (Kendra Tofoya).  She and a couple of her 'pretty guy friends' enjoy a zombie horror movie. :)

There's a thing or two I need to tweak when I ink and color, but I think it's turning out rather well. :)

sisters001.jpg A couple of foxy siblings, enjoying a day at the beach. :)
squirrel001.jpg A random squirrel gal, lounging about. :)

Speaking of squirrels, check out Foamy the Squirrel.  Yeah, he's got a foul little mouth (or would if he had a mouth), but he's funny as all heckfire. ;D

lioness002.jpg Hmm... Lioness with gun and knife.  No good reason for this drawing; I couldn't think of anything to draw, so I drew this. :D
squirrel002.jpg As requested, a "tail between the legs thing" pose.  For a model, I selected a random pretty squirrel gal with a big, fluffy tail. :)
ratgirl003.jpg I finally got around to inking and coloring this picture.  I'd had a request for more furs with curly hair, and this image fit the bill.  I do like curly hair, and need to draw it more.  It's harder than the straight or wavy hair that I usually draw, but I think I'm getting better at it.
travelers001.jpg A couple of very old 'pals' of mine: 'Scott' and 'Mouse'. :)
haaargle002.jpg Someone once said (it might even have been me) that love is holding her hair up out of the way while she barfs.  Oh, I suppose that's meant to just be a slightly warped joke, but if she still looks like an angel to you when she's puking her guts out, that's love, no? :)
Oh, the original pencil version of this picture is here.
KirruuBerry002.jpg Here's a picture request of and for Kirruu Berry.  She's a playful, and somewhat mischievous kitty gal. :)
technoangel001.jpg I have to admit that this was inspired by, although it doesn't much resemble, Jenny/XJ9 from My Life as a Teenage Robot.  When she pops her wings, she looks so snazzy. :)
slingshots_my_ass_002.jpg A "Sonic the Hedgehog" style Mobian Freedom Fighter, of indeterminate species, who's become dissatisfied with the standard issue Archie Comics weaponry.  From the looks of her scars, they've let her down on at least one occasion. :D

Inked and colored version of this picture.

interruption002.jpg A tiger gal is interrupted as she tries to enjoy a good(?) book on her lunch break.  I think it's a little more clear that her visitor is a blue butterfly than in the pencil version of the picture.
nrrdgrrl003.jpg This is a pretty good example of the whimisical ways of the muse.  I just started out wanting to draw a picture of a cute nrrdgrrl, and as the picture evolved, it turned into a parody of hentai tentacle porn. :D

If I'd started out to draw such a parody, I could have considered it a fairly clever idea on my part, but the truth is that is just kind of happened all by itself.

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