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Updated: 9/11/2004

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Ms_Clumz-E_and_Bunny.jpg Here's is another picture request that is so old* that it can't possibly be of any use to the requester for its originally intended purpose: a t-shirt design.  It's so late, in fact, that the requester's e-mail is no longer valid, and I was unable to send this to her.  So if you're out there, Ms. Clumz-E/Bunny, here is your picture. :)

I'll be putting this in my 'to color' pile. :)

*Ok, not that old.  Only eleven months - quite quick, really, by my standards. :)

slingshots_my_ass_001.jpg This is a good example of the unpredictablility of the muse.  I had no idea that I was going to draw this until it just popped out. :D

It's a Sonic-y freedom fighter of indeterminate species, apparently a scarred veteren of many battles, who prefers something with a bit more stopping power than the usual comic book weaponry. :)

Dakota001.jpg Hmm....  This is cute enough, I suppose.  It just doesn't much look like what I pictured in my head.  Anyhow, here is a skunkette I've decided to name 'Dakota' after a character I drew many, many years ago.  See my 'early art' page for the original Dakota. :)
Cody001.jpg A cute little skunk kid, waiting for the school bus. :)
I've decided that she's Dakota's daughter, and that her name is Cody.

This picture had its genesis in an idea for an Easter picture.  I was going to draw a little bunny girl, with a bonnet and a pretty dress, holding her basket of Easter goodies.  In the end, though, I was just too lazy to draw a dress and bonnet.
So the picture switched over to a similar pose, but a concept more inspired by my recent viewing of the Ang Lee film: Eat Drink Man Woman.  There's one part where the old chef, Master Chu, is packing gourmet lunches for his neighbor's daughter.  It was the character of that little girl who inspired this little skunk and her backback. :)

trooper001.jpg Just a generic vixen trooper going into action.  I was finding my 'to color' pile a bit thin on non-adult pictures which actually had any visual interest to them. :D
ratgirl002.jpg This picture combines a couple of elements that I've had on my idea pile for a while.  First, I've been wanting to draw a rat girl for a while, as part of the 'creepy critters drawn cute' concept (I've already done a couple of bats).  I've been meaning to draw more big, strong, digitigrade feet (I've always liked those).  And finally, I've been dying to try out those pants with the laced up sides in one of my drawings.  I first saw them on a character drawn by Julie Miyamoto, so in the 'credit where credit is due' department, I always call them 'Jen Aside' pants. :)
fox_in_sox_002.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of fox_in_sox_001.jpg.
A vixen sits on her bed, contemplating... oh, I dunno... life, the universe, and everything. :)

There sure was a lot to color on this one, but I cut myself a break and left the walls of her bedroom white. :D

haaargle001.jpg Love is: holding her hair up out of the way while she pukes.

I quess I have quirky ideas about romance and affection. :)

Cody002.jpg Inked and colored version of Cody001.jpg.

Cody, a schoolgirl skunk (no, not the anime kind), waiting for the school bus. :)

Makia001.jpg This is another ancient picture request, from over a year ago, which I finally got around to.  This is my impression of Makia of FurryMUCK.  And look! It's a picture where the subject isn't just striking a pose! Ok, so she's not doing much, but she's doing something! :D
imp001.jpg This one was inspired by the work I've seen on VCL by an artist called Quwe Quwe.  She draws this cute little character who seems to be made up of a mish-mash of bits of unidentifiable species.  I liked that look, and wanted to try imitating it without totally ripping off her character.  I don't think that what I came up with is anywhere near as cute, though; something about the way Quwe Quwe draws eyes, I think.
dancing001.jpg In my continuing, if ineffectual, effort to draw characters actually doing something, rather than just sitting or standing around, here is a nice canid couple (I believe that she is a jackal, and that he is a wolf), just dancing around. :D
interruption001.jpg That's supposed to be a butterfly on her nose....  Hopefully, it will be clearer when I color it.
Karazynn_Silvereye_001.jpg Another old (well, only a few months this time) character portrait request.  Here is Karazynn Silvereye, a cat lady with a bad attitude.  IC, of course; the requester was very nice. :)
dancingtothemuzak001.jpg This is my illustration of a tale told to me by my friend Larissa, about how her boyfriend started slow dancing with her to the muzak in a store one day while they were out shopping.  I thought it was a really sweet story, and she gave me permission to have a go at drawing it. :)
I think I'd be too shy to ever do something like that. :D
heybaby001.jpg A mouse, who apparently fancies himself to be quite the ladies' man, hits on a cougar babe at the beach.
tigermouse004.jpg Here's a creature that I haven't drawn for a while... It's a ferocious tiger mouse, the fiercest of all rodents.  You don't want to tangle with one of these creatures, or you may well find yourself getting stabbed in the toe! :)
mommy001.jpg I know I've drawn a few rather glamorized and idealized pictures of the joys of motherhood.  Well, here's a rather unglamorized view of a somewhat overwhelmed looking mouse mommy.  I still think she's beautiful, though. :)

I'm really rather happy with how this turned out.  It actually came out almost exactly as I'd pictured it in my head. :)

dancingtothemuzak002.jpg Inked and colored verion of dancingtothemuzak001.jpg.

Oblivious to curious, surprised, and suspecting fellow customers, a lion and lioness dance to the muzak in a store.

cavebunny001.jpg A fierce cave bunny attacks her hapless prey...

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