General furry sketches (Page 35)

Updated: 7/2/2004

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sk8termouse001.jpg Another very old picture request, for a teenage skateboarding girl mouse.

I was informed at the time of the request that if I didn't do it, that would mean I was 'sexist'....  Just a little tip: I don't generally respond well to such transparent manipulation. :D
The truth is, of course, that I am sexist.  I prefer drawing cute females to drawing males. O:)

Zarina001.jpg The inked and colored version of foxgoyle001.jpg.

I know that this picture really could benefit from a background, but, well, I'm too fargin lazy. :)  Maybe I should just find an aerial night photograph of a city skyline on which to place the figure.

dragonette001.jpg Here's my attempt at drawing a dragon.  I'm not really all that happy with this picture.  I think that in order to draw dragons well, one must have a certain facility with details of musculature, which I lack.

Actually, the picture I wanted to draw was the one in the adult section (dragonette002.jpg), but the muse wouldn't let me draw that one until I had gotten this pose on paper, however ineptly.

badger002.jpg Here is badger001.jpg, all inked and colored.  Yes, she's a badger, although I know it's not all that easy to tell a purple badger girl from a purple skunk girl when her tail isn't showing. :)
Candy_01.jpg This is a long overdue picture request for a portrait of a dear departed sugar glider named Candy; now an angel.

Pets do have a way of becoming a part of us, and staying with us all of our lives, don't they.

KittyVanTreblis001.jpg Another old picture request that I finally got around to: the lovely Kitty VanTreblis.
Definitely a class act. :)
sk8termouse002.jpg The inked and colored version of sk8termouse001.jpg: a teenage girl mouse skateboarder.
I've got to learn how to draw shoes...
contemplation001.jpg A picture request: an unhappy young lady considers her options.
leopard001.jpg Another picture request: A leopardy girl wearing a tanktop and bellbottoms.

I couldn't think of a very clever pose, but I think the idea of extreme forshortening of the tail works pretty well. :)

dragonette003.jpg Inked and colored version of dragonette001.jpg.  It's a tough dragonette warrior with a sword. :)  As I've mentioned before, dragons aren't really my forte.  I certainly didn't have the patience to draw in all her scales, sorry. :D  Just getting her color that saturated with colored pencils took long enough. :)
Renamon001.jpg This was supposed to be a picture request for a specific Renamon character, but the requester didn't like the way it came out, so now it's just a generic, unamed Renamon. :)

I'll probably take another stab at drawing the original character the way the requester wants once I get over my fit of artistic temperment about it, but I don't feel like working on it just now. :D

Tru002.jpg Here is attempt two at the Renamon character portrait request.  The left arm still needs a bit of tweaking, but otherwise it's ready for inking and coloring. :)
contemplation002.jpg Inked and colored version of contemplation001.jpg.  A picture of a vixen going through an unhappy time.  Do you suppose she'll make it through ok? I'm inclined to think that she will, but I'm an incurable optimist. :)
Cassandra001.jpg Another picture request: this time, for a punk cheetah with wings.  I may have ended up with a look that's as much goth as punk, but I still think she's pretty interesting. :)
I decided to name her 'Cassandra' after the requester.
fox_in_sox_001.jpg A pretty fox girl, just sitting on her bed and thinking about things. :)
batgirl002.jpg A bat girl strikes a 'bat girl' pose. :)

This is from an idea have had in my 'idea pile' for quite some time: to draw some 'creepy' creatures, such as bats and rats, as cute ladies.  I'll see what I can do in the way of a rat girl at some point. :)

Amalthea002.jpg Inked and colored version of Amalthea001.jpg, and just in time, too! The Last Unicorn releases on DVD on March 16th, 2004. :)
bodice001.jpg I love the way the artist Vilani draws eyes.  This is my attempt at drawing eyes in a similar fashion.
leopard002.jpg Inked and colored version of leopard001.jpg

I think one can better see, in the colored version, that the tail is supposed to be swooping out toward the viewer, and not simply gigantic. :)

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