General furry sketches (Page 34)

Updated: 1/31/2004

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trash001.jpg Aw.  A scruffy-looking park squirrel, rooting through the trash, looking for something to eat.
mouse056.jpg OK, here's a question for the ladies out there -- how many of you would really have the guts to go out in public wearing only a few strips of electrical tape for a top? :D

(So Toast... Was I right? Do you like her? ;D )

skunk069.jpg Mmmm.  A toothsome, zaftig, cuddleskunkette, inspired by the wonderful work of Kat Barber. :)
mouse057.jpg Here's the color version of mouse056.jpg -- A cute mousie in a sexy outfit. :)
trash002.jpg Office worker and park squirrel... I hope he's not really hungry.
It looks like me, but it's not, really.
genla001.jpg Here's a portrait that I'm working on.  Genla is a fox princess.  She likes to sneak out of the castle to explore in the woods and climb trees.  Here she is, contemplating her domain on a warm summer day. :)
becky001.jpg Another portrait I'm working on, a friendly, clever, country vixen. :)
skunk070.jpg Here's the color version of skunk069.jpg.  She's a yummy, cuddly, zaftig cutieskunkette. :)
I'm not sure why the scanner decided to make this one so washed out and muddy. :/
Whiteflower001.jpg This is Whiteflower, a feline(?) dancer.  As you can see, she is very graceful. :)  She is also ©2002 by her player/hy00man.
tips003.jpg tips004.jpg Here are a couple of drawing tip sheets that I made up for Vu, but I thought other people might find them useful, too.  Be warned that there are nipples in the second one.  Sorry folks, but this is 'art', not pr0n. :D
cheeunks001.jpg Here's my first attempt at a pair of fraternal twin cheetah-skunk hybrids, Ibura and Bato.  They're cute enough, I suppose, but I wasn't quite happy with this initial design.  Ibura looks like a cheetah with a skunk head, and Bato looks like a skunk with a cheetah head.  I want them to be a little more of a combination of the two species, so I'll be working on the patterns of their markings and coloration a bit more. :)
Ibura001.jpg Here's Ibura, Mk. II.  Not a very interesting pose; she's basically just showing off her markings.  I think this pattern of markings is much more interesting than the original concept.

Oh, and I 'borrowed' the idea for the black 'socks' from Sara Nelson's 'Luna' character.  I always thought those were cute. :)

Ibura002.jpg Ah, this is better. :)  I think I'm pretty happy with this design for Ibura's markings, and this pose is much more interesting, too. :)
I think this will be worth inking and coloring. :)
Ibura003.jpg Here's the color version of Ibura002.jpg.  Ibura, the cheetah-skunk hybrid, in a nice action pose. :)
She's wearing a bathing suit (or is that her underwear?) mostly just to show off her pretty markings. :)
huntress005.jpg Just a generic wolf huntress... who has a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty little spear, for some reason. Maybe it's her toothpick. :D  Maybe I just wanted it to fit on the page without making the main figure too small. :)
becky003.jpg By request, a 'more padded' pole dancer: in this case, a vixen named Becky, who is the intellectual property of her human. :)

Oh, and I don't really do requests normally, sorry.  I just liked the idea, so I drew it. :)

huntress006.jpg Inked and colored version of huntress005.jpg.

I made her spear a little bigger, but it still looks like a toothpick to me. :D

foxgoyle001.jpg Wow... I found time to do a picture request.  Will wonders never cease? :)  The request was for a fox girl with gargoyle wings and feet.  I'm pretty happy with the result, and I think that the requester was too. :)
badger001.jpg Another picture request, this time for a somewhat sad looking purple badger.  Well... I think she looks rather morose, although she won't be purple until I color her. :)

Oh, and the picture request was from over a year ago, so before asking me to draw something, consider that that's how long it might take, if it ever gets done at all. :D

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