General furry sketches (Page 33)

Updated: 6/15/2002

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critter012.jpg This item is vaguely derivative of the work of Amanda Payne; which is to say that I love her style, and tried to do something that at least remotely resembled it. :)
coon007.jpg Here's a theme that I've had on my 'to do' list for a while; the concept that one doesn't have to be perfect physically to be really cute. :)
head_051.jpg Just another generic fox head.
rollerbun001.jpg Just a generic rollerbunny. :)  Yeah, I know she should be wearing knee and elbow pads, as well as a helmet, but they were too hard to draw. :D
FurryGang001.jpg FurryGang002.jpg FurryGang003.jpg Three pencil drawings for a picture request that I'm working on. :)  These three are Fru, Joe, and Mudd; the Furry Gang, and are the property of their respective players.  I need to work on Joe a little more for the final drawing.  She doesn't look 'wolfy' enough to me, and the position of her left arm is a little awkward.
head_052.jpg head_053.jpg Hmm... I was kind of stuck this week, and reverted to to pointless heads in an effort to get unstuck.
couple001.jpg The idea for this one came from a picture by Eric W. Schwartz.  I saw a picture he did of 'Carli and Spike' of a petite chinchilla gal and her big, buff wolf boyfriend.  Well, I thought it might be kind of cute to reverse the gender cliches, so here's a petite little mouse boy with his big, buff she-wolf girlfriend. :)
rollerbun002.jpg I finally got around to coloring rollerbun001.jpg. :)
baddrawing001.jpg I know that this gag has probably been done before, but I like it anyway. :)
husky001.jpg The idea behind this drawing was to draw a cute 'furry kid'.  I think she turned out pretty well. :)
faeriecheetahs001.jpg This idea came to me because of Mwerevu's new faerie morph.  Since she's usually a cheetah, that made me think of faerie cheetahs. :)  Although the one sipping dew off a leaf looks the most like her, none of these are acually supposed to be Mwerevu.  She can be that one if she likes, though. :)
doodle007.jpg head_055.jpg I've been in kind of an art slump the past couple of weeks, mostly 'cause I had a cold and didn't feel much like drawing.  Here are a couple of fairly pointless doodles that I did get done, though. :)
predator001.jpg I kind of wanted this one to come out looking fairly dark and sinister, but it seems to have come out almost cute.  I guess dark and sinister really isn't my forte. :/
sword003.jpg Heh.  It's a little mouse with a really big sword. :)
tomb001.jpg This was inspired more by watching The Mummy Returns last weekend than by Tomb Raider, believe it or not.
Yeah, I know the wall should be covered with hieroglyphics, but I'm too fargin' lazy.  I want to spend my limited drawing time drawing furs, not scenery. :D
batgirl001.jpg You know, after I drew this, I noticed what seems like tons of new bat pictures popping up on various archives.  Perhaps such pictures have always appeared in similar numbers, but I just never noticed.  Or, perhaps, all these artists were unconsciously inspired by something at the same time, although I can't remember what made me feel like drawing a bat.  Anyhoo, here's a natural-born fan dancer. :)

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