General furry sketches (Page 32)

Updated: 10/27/2001

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fox_006.jpg Looks a bit dog-like, but I think it turned out pretty well.
vixen113.jpg vixen114.jpg Just a couple of generic vixens.  I like the one on the right.
beanbag001.jpg Hmm... I suppose that this potentially troubling picture requires a bit of explanation.  It's derived from a picture I saw by Steve Burt of an armless, legless, and blind vixen, wearing nothing but bandages.  I suppose it was just an amputee fetish picture, but it got me to thinking....  Life would be pretty tough, and you'd need a lot of help to get through.  Anyhoo, I was trying to depict a severely damaged individual as still being a complete and beautiful person. :)

I suppose the armless, legless, and blind vixen would be ©2001 by Steve Burt. :)

tiger004.jpg Just a doodle that I ended up detailing out a bit.  I rather like the eyes. :)
kitsu002.jpg I'm working on a character portrait of Kitsu Silkfur, a six-tailed kitsune.  Among other things, she's a pirate and a vigilante.  Here, she's posing with a couple of coyote outlaw trophies. :)
Note: Sensitive viewers might want to skip this one, although I think it's more humorous than disturbing. :)

Kitsu Silkfur is ©2001 by her player/human/keeper/whatever. :)

psally24.jpg Yikes! Yeah, I know.  Another pointless, boring drawing of a 'matured' Princess Sally.  They keep popping into my brain from time to time.  Sorry. :)
mechmouse003.jpg A cat-girl pouncing a clockwork mouse.  I'm rather happy with the way the dynamic scene worked out; the way she's pushing off on her toes and twisting to her left while the mouse scoots to the right. :)
icecream001.jpg mouse055.jpg A couple of mouse gals posing cutely.  It looks like the one on the left has had a little too much ice cream. :)
yawn001.jpg Yawning vixen.  This little doodle is derivative of a drawing by Michael Higgs.
foxtaur003.jpg Of course, after looking at Higgs' drawings, I had the urge to draw a vixentaur of my own. :D
bubbles001.jpg Just a pretty bunny gal blowing bubbles in the park on a balmy summer day. :)
amihedgehog003.jpg After some delay, waiting for the muse to strike, a portrait of Ami Hedgehog, who is ©2001 by her human/player/etc.
bunny058.jpg Trying to figure out how to draw a style of bunny face by looking at a picture by Sandra Gaeremynck.
anime003.jpg anime004.jpg A couple of generic furry heads in anime style.
fennectwins001.jpg Fennect twins. Fraternal, of course. :)
1st_date001.jpg A teen aged skunkette helps her younger sister get ready for her first date.  Here, the elder sister puts the finishing touch on her little sister's ensemble, handing down her heart shaped necklace.  The younger sister, who's always felt rather like an ugly duckling around her beautiful elder sibling, gazes up in adoration and amazement at receiving the gift.  She's always admired and even coveted the prized necklace.  She's a little stunned to understand that, despite the usual sibling rivalry, squables, and fights, her sister must really love her to hand over so prized a possession. :)
crystal001.jpg Eh.  A picture request that went askew.  Crystal is a 13-year-old panther (or tiger?) who's had a tough life.
She's ©2001 by her player/human/owner.

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