General furry sketches (Page 31)

Updated: 7/28/2001

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feral001.jpg Feral looking canid lady.  I think she's a jackal.
warrior001.jpg A lioness warrior poses with her sword.
bunny056.jpg Generic bunny lady head.
dragon09.jpg Darn! I ran out of paper.  Started out as a quick sketch, but ended up as a fairly detailed, if incomplete, picture of a captive dragon.
mouse054.jpg In case you can't tell, the style of this drawing is derivative of the work of Polecat.  It's a pretty mouse lady with glasses. :)
(Hi Toast! ;D )
kick002.jpg This picture was inspired by a story Silverblue told in the park one day, about getting badly mauled by the kick of a frightened rabbit.  Here, a doe is defending herself with her best natural weapons. :)  I think her feet should be bigger, and her legs a bit sturdier, but I like this drawing anyway. :)
shewolf001.jpg The shape of the head in this drawine was inspired by a piece by Lins Tebo.  The rest of the drawing is all mine, though. :)  (Actually, I didn't even copy the head very closely. :) )
skunk063.jpg I wish I knew what muse was responsible for images like this.   If I knew, perhaps I could get this sort of lively picture more often. :D  It just sort of formed in front of my eyes on the paper.
skunk064.jpg Another sleepy skunkette; this time, with a teddy. :)
beach001.jpg Getting to be that time of year again.  This is a fairly uninspired drawing.  Basically, I just wanted to draw a bathing suit with ties at the hips.  I think those are cute. :)
jerboa001.jpg When I'd finished this, I noticed that she looks rather like a female 'Kimba the white lion'....  Do you suppose that he was really an overgrown white jumping rat? ;)
head_046.jpg 'Nother generic head.
lizard04.jpg A fairly mediocre lizard head.  It's the same lizard gal posing with a spear in the adult section. :)
cry001.jpg A crying vixen.  It didn't really look sufficiently 'vixen-y', so I spent some time working on trying to draw more feral, and less toony vixens.
vixen111.jpg Here's an effort at a less toony style of vixen head.  I suppose that sometimes one style works best, and sometimes the other. :)
vixen112.jpg Just a cute young... uh... yeah, it's another vixen.  I really need to diversify more. :D
sketches_019.jpg Some doodles I thought worth posting, particularly the face at the bottom. :)
canid004.jpg canid005.jpg What's this? Non-morphic canids? I know, it's not really my idea of 'Furry' art, either, but this is what the muse was dishing up this week.
canid006.jpg Hmm...  Not too bad.  I'm obviously not an expert at drawing non-morphic canids, but I guess you can learn anything with a bit of practice. :)

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