General furry sketches (Page 3)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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Some more cutsey bunny pinup type pictures.
bunny016.gif bunny017.gif bunny018.gif Actually, it's really three reworkings of the same basic idea.
azcat_01.gif AzrielCat.  I don't know the character, myself, but I think the drawings of her are neat.  This is my version of one I saw on Rat.
mouse015.gif Another generic mouse.  Kind of cute, though. :)
bunny019.gif A generic bunny.  I think the ears are all messed up.
head_006.gif A generic furry head, done while I was trying, without success, to come up with an idea for a _real_ drawing. :/
buntr_02.gif A bunnytaur!  I'm going to try to color this one.
buntr_02.jpg Computer colored version of the Bunnytaur picture.
head_008.jpg Another pointless head drawing.
cat_009.jpg I was trying to imitate the style of Cherna Gast. (Is she good, or what?)   The result looks kind of like a cross between Cherna Gast and Michele Light.   Not that this is a bad thing. :)
dmous_06.gif A nekkid mousie, hopefully not too 'spoogey'.
vixprof2.gif Vixen profile
skunk013.gif A sexy skunk femme.  Hopefully not nude enough to offend anyone. :D
vixen019.gif A cutie vixen.  Yeah, I know it's a stereotypical BBV.  Quiet in the peanut gallery. :D
thebump1.jpg This picture is from a friend's suggestion.   Two 'big haired' vixens doing a 60's dance called 'the bump', one red, one blue.   Well, I think the hair is certainly big enough.   I know the proportions are a little toony, but that's what I do.
sqrl_001.jpg A squirrel-girl, I think.
heads_12.jpg A couple of rough vixen head sketches, with anime elements.
head_012.jpg A slightly more polished version of the slightly anime vixen head.
anhead02.jpg Anime style head. This one was deleted from Yerf by Scotty Arsenault himself.  I have to admit, that rather shocked me.

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