General furry sketches (Page 29)

Updated: 4/14/2001

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bunny045.jpg Just a cute, leggy bunny gal. :)
bunny046.jpg A sketch of a somewhat pretty bunny boy.
tigermouse001.jpg tigermouse002.jpg I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but here's a rather fiercesome rodent called a tigermouse.  I don't think you want to mess with her. :)
bunny047.jpg A generic prancing bunny gal sketch.
bunny048.jpg This odd little sketch is the result of a conversation in the West Corner of the Park, where the subject of being flexible enough to put one's feet behind one's head came up. :D
tigermouse003.jpg Here's a fearsome creature indeed; the savage tigermouse! She'd probably be even more terrifying if she weren't three inches tall. :)
doodles001.jpg Just some warm-up doodles that I thought were interesting enough to share.
wolf001.jpg A wolf gal, apparently in high spirits. :)
vixen107.jpg Just a generic vixen sketch.
bunny049.jpg anime002.jpg Just a couple of little doodles.  A bunny gal and an animeish mug.
bunny050.jpg Just a bunny 'figure study'.
rateltaur001.jpg rateltaur002.jpg A couple of rateltaur sketches.  The concept doesn't seem as interesting as I'd hoped.  Maybe if I can figure out some way of showing the ratel markings.
rateltaur003.jpg A rateltaur standing on her hind legs.  Still not getting much in the way of interesting mental images for this concept. :/
doodle002.jpg cat_044.jpg Just a couple of doodles from the week. :)
ratelhooker001.jpg ratelhooker002.jpg A ratel streetwalker, out plying her trade. :)  A piccie in the classic theme of 'prostitute as Venus'. :D  I rather like the attitude she projects, though.

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