General furry sketches (Page 28)

Updated: 2/24/2001

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skunk058.jpg Aw, how cute.  A sweet little sleeping skunkette. :)
fence001.jpg Sketch of a fencing vixen.
sketch26.jpg Sketch of a cat gal.
sketch27.jpg Here's a sketch of some sort of male critter.
sketch28.jpg This sketch is an attempt at a tricky 'camera angle'.
sistrs01.jpg sistrs02.jpg This may be the cutest drawing I've done to date. :D  Here are a couple of snow-bunny sisters, out enjoying a nice winter's day. :)
Various sketches and doodles.
sketches_006.jpg bunny043.jpg sketches_008.jpg head_045.jpg
skunk059.jpg A cute skunkette, looking surprised.  How smart is it to surprise a skunk? :D
skunk060.jpg Another generic skunk gal.  I'm not sure what she's thinking, but she seems to be up to something.
sqrtrmp1.jpg sqrtrmp2.jpg Squirrels on trampolines! Yeah, I know it's a rather obvious gag, but I think the picture's pretty cute, anyway. :D
feet001.jpg A bunny lady seems surprised by someone's observation.
allies001.jpg Lord only knows where ideas like this come from.  I was watching the Joy Luck Club at the time.  Perhaps that has something to do with it. :D
Anyhow.  In this piccie, a captive vixen who thinks that things are just going from bad to worse is actually about to find that she has a new ally in her struggles. :)
psally21.jpg Here she is again: the rat that everybody loves to hate. :)
heads_26.jpg Bunny heads, in a different style.  I think the one on the right looks like a llama.
skunk061.jpg A cute, generic skunkette.  I like the cheesy grin. :)

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