General furry sketches (Page 27)

Updated: 1/6/2001

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face_003.jpg An attempt at doing Jay Naylor style eyes.
face_004.jpg ...and an attempt at doing XianJaguar type eyes. :)
vixen105.jpg A vixen hugging herself. :)
stalk001.jpg Hey there Little Red Riding Hood. :D  I have no idea what that think is behind the tree.  A furry troll of some sort, I think.
bunny040.jpg Generic bunny head.
aim001.jpg This picture is actually not related to the 'stalk001.jpg' picture, but looking at them now, they do seem to go together. :D
bunny041.jpg Generic prancing bunny gal.
bunny042.jpg Some sort of a Space Bunny.
zero_g01.jpg You'd think that otters would take fairly naturally to 'swimming' in a low-gravity environment, but I guess not. :D
weezil01.jpg Issa evil li'l weezil. :)
zero_g02.jpg I guess she got the hang of it. :)
coon_006.jpg It's a space raccoon. :)
crawl001.jpg A space skunk, working in one of those tight crawlspaces that they always seem to have on science fiction spaceships.
preg001.jpg Yeah, I know I'm not the first person to think of this, but you'd think with all the yiffing that goes on, you'd see this more often. ;)
lolli001.jpg All that leftover Halloween candy lying around.  It's too much temptation to resist. :)
(I speak from experience.  I feel like I've done nothing but eat all week. :D )
mouse048.jpg Generic, cute, toony mouse-girl.
vixen106.jpg A prancing vixen thing.
lolli002.jpg A bunny enjoying some left-over Halloween candy.  There's too much candy around at work right after Halloween.  One of the items I got was actually a bunny shaped lollipop. :D  I guess candy distributors just figure that holiday candy is holiday candy.  Easter, Halloween; what's the difference? :D  They're both about rising from the grave, no? :D  It's a cute little lollipop, but difficult to lick with a straight face. };D
preg002.jpg Here's a color version of preg001.jpg.  Four pretty lady furs in varying stages of gravidity. :)
skunk057.jpg I see the influence of David Hopkins in this one.  It also looks kind of like a Disney Goof. :D

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