General furry sketches (Page 26)

Updated: 11/25/2000

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dance005.jpg Two critters dancing.
embrace002.jpg A mouse and wolf embracing.
crit0030.jpg I think I see the influence of the work of Erin English and maybe a bit of Ainsley Seago in this drawing.  I'm really very pleased with this one. :)
face_002.jpg Generic fur.  This is basically an experiment with a slightly different eye style.
shirt001.jpg T-shirt idea.  Yeah, I know that t-shirts expressing similar sentiments have been done before, but I like this one.  Also, I think the expression on her face came out perfectly. :)
lizard02.jpg Lizard gal.  Love those feet. :)
bunny039.jpg Reclining bunny gal.  I'm actually satisfied with that hand. :)
lynch004.jpg Here's the color version of lynch003.jpg.  A vixen vigilante, ready to make you pay for your misdeeds. ;D
sketch18.jpg Here's an example of the kind of doodling I do when I'm trying to come up with an idea.  Well... an above average example; normal a doodle page has nothing remotely interesting.  A couple of the doodles on this page looked kind of cute, so I put it up here. :)
zipper01.jpg Zipper's stuck. :D
flower01.jpg A wolf offers his love a flower, and she seems pleased with it. :)
trap001.jpg Klutz! :D
spvix001.jpg Space Vixens! I think they're cadets or something.
crit0031.jpg Critter of indeterminate species.  Don't ask me what 'FPA' stands for; I have no idea. :D
cat_041.jpg A rather dull, generic cat girl.
shirt002.jpg A t-shirt with a message about respect.  Am I a hypocrit or what? :D  I mean, I like looking at a shapely lady as much as the next guy. :D
ratels08.jpg Huh? You mean there are boy ratels too?
crit0032.jpg A cute little critter who turned up in sketch18.jpg.  Folks seemed to like her, and I thought she was pretty cute too, so I did her up as a color drawing.  I'm still not sure what sort of critter she is.  She looks kind of like a chipmunk.
psally19.jpg Just a sketch of Princess Sally.  Rather rough, but I like the 'camera angle'.
psally20.jpg By request of Henry Hall: Princess Sally in a dress. :)

(I don't generally take requests these days 'cause I'm very busy, but I just liked this idea. :) )

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