General furry sketches (Page 25)

Updated: 10/14/2000

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skunk048.jpg A pretty skunk lady, leaning forward.  I'm really quite happy with the way her head, face, and headfur turned out. :)
crit_028.jpg Here's a color version of crit_026.jpg.  A pretty (and shapely) blonde critter, trying hard to think.
Not meant to be some sort of stereotypical portrayal of blondes in general, honest. :)
cat_040.jpg Generic pretty cat girl in a bathing suit.  Turned out reasonably well, though. :)
mouse045.jpg Just a mousie in jeans.
lynch003.jpg Vixen Vigilante! Uh uh... looks like it's time to pay for your misdeeds, you varmit, you. :D

I still can't draw a hat right, but I think I'm getting better.

Oh, I should mention that the idea for this picture came from a piece by Bonnie Brooks, depicting a cougar cowgirl who was apparently preparing to engage in a bit of vigilante justice. :)

sqrl_009.jpg Scampering squirrel girl.
skunk049.jpg Just a generic skunkette.
mouse046.jpg Sweet li'l mousie. :)
bunny037.jpg Eh.  Mediocre bunny head.
hero001.jpg Rough sketch of a silly joke. :)
heads_25.jpg Some random heads.  I think they look quite nice. :)
fennec06.jpg Here's a color version of fennec04.jpg.  A shy fennec gal at a party. :)
foxtaur2.jpg Rough sketch of a rearing foxtaur thingee.  I rather like those feet. :)
skunk050.jpg Aw....  Sleepy skunkette. :)
drunk001.jpg Drunk as a skunk? She seems to have had a little too much wine. :)
sack001.jpg A chipmunk gal, struggling with her laundry... or disposing of a body. :D
laces001.jpg This drawing was really just for experimenting with the feet and those lace-up type sandles.
skunk051.jpg I need to practice more with hands, (but who doesn't?). I rather like the pose, though.
embrace001.jpg Just a rather mediocre drawing of two furs embracing.
crit0029.jpg Generic critter, prancing. :)

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