General furry sketches (Page 23)

Updated: 8/12/2000

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crit_020.jpg I think it's a cat critter.  Just a pose sketch.
skunk043.jpg skunk044.jpg Just a couple of drawings of a cute skunk girl with anime-ish eyes.  I like the cheesy grin in the first drawing. :)
petpet01.jpg I think the title pretty well describes the piccie.  Some sort of critter petpetting his mate. :)
sqrl_007.jpg Action Squirrel! :D  This one goes in the 'to color' pile.
deer0001.jpg I'm trying to learn how to draw deermorphs for Ecco, mostly using the work of Susan Deer as a guide.  They're trickier than they look.  subtle details make a big difference.
rlrvix02.jpg Rollervixen! Or, 'I have no mouth and I must skate'.
pit001.jpg Vixen 'Au Naturel'.  I mean, why would a furry shave? :D
toon0001.jpg This one is (obviously) influenced by the work of David Hopkins.  His stuff is often powerful and disturbing.  I like it a lot.
cougar01.jpg A pretty cougar lady in boots. :)  A color version of boots003.jpg.
mouse043.jpg Just a sketch of a mouse gal.
study001.jpg Here's another mouse gal, studying hard for finals.  Sorry guys, she's really busy right now.  Better go hit on someone else. ;)
lion_007.jpg A lion lady with glasses.  She kind of reminds me of Taffy McIntyger, but the ears are too small.
moonst01.jpg Here's a rough drawing of Moonstone, who had such nice things to say about my pregnant skunk picture. :)  She's ©2000 by K. Kret.
skunk046.jpg Here's the color version of skunk041.jpg.  Just a pretty young skunkette, with anime-ish eyes.
crit_021.jpg Just another head sketch of some unidentified critter.  Cute, though. :)
vixen101.jpg A vixen, jumping or something.  I'm not happy with the way the color came out on the scan, but I couldn't get it any better.  The original is a sort of sandstone color, with a bit of reddish brown to it.  Despite my best efforts, the scan ended up making her look just kind of yellow.
sqrl_008.jpg Action Squirrel! :D  I'm rather pleased with the way this one turned out. :)
otter009.jpg Just a happy, leaping otter gal.
crit_022.jpg Wow, this one looks downright arty. :D

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