General furry sketches (Page 22)

Updated: 8/9/2000

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head_038.jpg head_039.jpg head_040.jpg More heads.  I think the one one the left is Mystarasilkember in her vixen morph. :)
crit_019.jpg Another generic critter, levitating in some sort of anime-ish pose.
boots003.jpg Ooo.  A cougar in boots. :)
lion_006.jpg A nice lion lady.
vixen096.jpg Yet another sulty vixen, in a cute outfit.
pose_002.jpg Cat girl striking a pose.
blast001.jpg Take that!
poses_05.jpg Generic cat, in three poses.
vixen099.jpg I don't know where that right leg was going.  I think it's a pretty nice sketch, though.  I think I got a different look than my usual with that wavy headfur.
rlrvix01.jpg This image came into my head while listening to Dire Straits' "All Night Long".
laugh001.jpg Eh.
vixen100.jpg Hmmm....  My 100th generic vixen.  At least it's a nice drawing. :)
ladder01.jpg A space vixen climbing a ladder... well, a half a ladder, anyways.
cat_037.jpg Just a pose sketch.  A cat, reaching for something.
crits001.jpg Aw.  A couple of cute critters.  I think the one on the left is a wolf.  Lord only knows what the little one on the right is. :D  She's pretty cute, though. :)
hold0001.jpg A critter of unknown species contemplating something she's holding.  I think it's a box with a 'jolly, candy-like button'.  What it does, I don't know.
lookit01.jpg Hey! Lookit that! :D
skunk041.jpg Cute teenage skunk-girl. :)

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