General furry sketches (Page 21)

Updated: 8/9/2000

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rustie14.jpg Here's a color workup of rustie07.jpg.  I think I'll try to do a color version or rustie08.jpg as well, but I might try to refine the pose a little more first.  It looks a little wooden.
vixen091.jpg Just a generic vixen sketch.  I was experimenting with the eyes.  Even though their size is a bit more realistic than usual, they look too small to me.
skunk034.jpg A random skunk girl sketch, which turned into...
nutmeg01.jpg Here's a generic, brown skunk girl.  I decided her name is 'Nutmeg'.
sketch06.jpg sketch07.jpg Just a couple of sketches I liked enough to show.
sketch08.jpg Just a quicky sketch of a fur in glasses.  I've been trying to do more 'pretty furs in glasses' piccies, but they haven't been coming out. :/
sketch09.jpg More on the 'pretty furry ladies with classes' theme; just a sketch of a vixen with glasses.
wheat001.jpg How Bergmanesque! :D  Actually, it this was derived more from Woody Allen's Love and Death.
skunk035.jpg skunk036.jpg skunk037.jpg The 'pretty lady furs with glasses' theme, again.  This time, it's an unnamed pretty skunk lady with glasses.
skunk038.jpg The unnamed pretty skunk lady with glasses again.  I like this drawing enough that I'm going to try to do it up as a color piccie.
hygirl01.jpg I'm trying to draw a piccie of HyenaGirl.  I haven't gotten much yet, I'm afraid.
bunboy01.jpg Sketch of a generic bunny boy.  I was trying to do a more feral/less toony sort of face.  I think I succeeded, but he looks kind of weird. :D
skunk039.jpg As I was inking this picture, it occurred to me that she rather looks like MelSkunk.  I was tempted to color her blue and call it a piccie of Mel, but I thought that might be cheating. :D  Anyhow, the glasses are too small.
vixen092.jpg This doodle is derived from a drawing by Megan Giles.  I wasn't copying the drawing itself, but using it to learn new ways to draw certain details, mostly the eyes.
vixen093.jpg Another pointless sketch of yet another generic vixen, doing nothing. :D
vixen094.jpg A color workup of an older sketch.  The eyes are absurdly large, but I like it anyway. :)
vixen095.jpg Vixen head.  Actually, it's supposed to be the first step in doing a picture of Mystarasilkember in her vixen morph.  I'm not sure it looks the way I imagine her yet, though.  (Not to mention she would have headfur. :) )

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