General furry sketches (Page 2)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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wolf_f01.gif wolf_f02.gif vixen006.gif I really love Ravenwolf's stuff.  Here are some of my efforts to immitate his style.
dragon02.jpg A dragon lady.  She doesn't have wings 'cause I can't draw dragon wings.   I'll have to work on that.
Bunnyluv.jpg Two bunnies in love.  Ain't they cute? :)   Bunny Luv is actually a brand of carrots around here.
lysozym2.jpg lysozyme3.jpg A couple of pictures of Lysozyme.  I did these as part of a picture exchange.
sknkgun1.jpg A skunk with a gun.  I don't generally care for 'furs with guns' pictures, but this image just kind of popped up while I was sketching and I had to go with it.  Interestingly enough, Lysozyme did a skunk drawing for me as part of our picture exchange, and by sheer coincidence came up with a startlingly similar concept.  Gun nuts will also notice that I have only the vaguest idea of how a handgun looks and operates.
tlhktoo.jpg I usually try to avoid drawing commercially copyrighted characters.  But the situation described by Joe 'AltarSkunk' Kennedy really called for a picture of Fifi LaFume.
drndshrt.jpg "Darned shorts!" A skunk finds that one's choice of outfit may adversely affect one's ability to fend of unwanted attentions.
no_cat.jpg A variation on the 'no means no' concept. Skunks aren't the only furs capable of showing their irritation at unwanted advances.
fox_002.gif Another generic toon head.  The sort of thing I draw when I have no ideas.
coon_002.gif A toony raccoon sketch.  I kind of like the way it turned out.
heads_02.gif A couple of head sketches.  Two radically different styles.  The one on the left is influenced by Taral Wayne, the one on the right by RavenWolf.
wolf_f07.jpg I saw a neat picture by Margaret Petrie called 'Moondance'  I've been trying to figure out how she does such wonderful pictures ever since.
wolf_f09.gif Another dancing wolf.  Again, derived from that wonderful Margaret Petrie drawing.
bunny014.gif People seem to like these cutsey bunny pictures.  I guess I do too. :)
head_004.gif A generic head.  A vixen? A wolf?  I dunno.  It's another one of those pictures that results from having no ideas.
a_cat_02.gif Anime type cat-lady.  Another effort to work on non-toony form.

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