General furry sketches (Page 19)

Updated: 8/9/2000

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cat_036.jpg Note: This drawing is derivative of a picture by Kendra Hinojosa.  I saw a piece of hers called mtkrbw.jpg, and wanted to see if I could do eyes that way.  Just wanted to give proper credit. :)
tiger_03.jpg This is a preliminary sketch for a picture request.  Unfortunately, the requester seems to have vanished, so I won't be doing anything more with it.
vixen082.jpg Generic vixen sitting on the edge of a bed.  I tried something a little different with the shading here.  It was a bit nerve-wracking to put a black colored pencil to a 'finished' piccie, but I'm happy with the results.
vixen083.jpg Another generic vixen in a random dynamic pose.
vixen084.jpg An angry looking vixen.  This sketch is derivative of a drawing by Cara Mitten I saw that I really liked.
scream01.jpg Eeeeeeek! :D
jump001.jpg Eh.  Sort of a jerboa or kangaroo rat leaping.  It's kind of cute, but the pose doesn't quite work right.
noct001.jpg Another piccie request; a Siamese cat lady named Nocturnal.  Here's my first attempt.  The character's really supposed to be more anime style, though.
noct002.jpg noct003.jpg noct004.jpg More attempts at drawing Nocturnal.  I'm not too good at true anime style, but I'll keep trying.
noct005.jpg She says she likes this one best, so I'll see what I can do with this look.

Nocturnal is ©2000 by her human.

kat001.jpg kat002.jpg Here's a generic cat girl who popped up on my paper while I was trying to figure out how to draw Nocturnal.  Pretty, no? :)
eskunk02.jpg Preliminary sketch for a piccie request, this time a skunk named 'Fredrick'.  I'm not getting much feedback from the requester, though, so I'm not sure I'll be doing anything more with it.
defend02.jpg Fantasy cliché: a fierce, sword-wielding barbarian warrior defends a helpless, cowering, unclad, would-be victim from a tentacled menace.  You can have a lot of fun by simply reversing gender stereotypes. :)
mouse040.jpg Just a pretty, generic mousie gal.
ferret04.jpg Here's that ferret gal who looks alot like Ytaya.  She has a way of popping up whenever I draw Ytaya; I wonder why. :D
noct006.jpg Another 'warm-up' drawing for Nocturnal's portrait.  I'm working on the final now.  I think it's turning out well, and should be up next week. :)
wuff001.jpg Generic she-wuff.  Experimenting a bit with the face and headfur-style.

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