General furry sketches (Page 18)

Updated: 8/9/2000

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skunk032.jpg A generic toony skunkette.  I'm generally pleased with this drawing, but I have mixed feelings about the rose feet and hands.  I like the contrasting colors, but it looks kind of like she has no fur on her paws.  It's supposed to be rose-colored fur, though.
ally001.jpg ally002.jpg ally003.jpg Here's a piccie request that I'm working on.  It's an arctic vixen named Ally.
ally004.jpg ally005.jpg ally006.jpg Ally is sort of a furry version of a character named Tifa Lockhart from the video game Final Fantasy VII.  I have to take her word for it, though, I've not seen the game itself. :D
ally007.jpg ally008.jpg ally009.jpg Figuring out how to draw her required me to push my style into a more anime/manga direction, hence the rather large number of sketches.  The result is a look that's kind of a mix of my usually toony style and more anime elements.
ally010.jpg I rather like the anime look.  Here's the sketch I'm working up as a color portrait.

Oh, Ally is ©1999 by Claire. :)

ratels01.jpg I can't imagine why I never thought of this before.  One ratel just isn't enough to go around, so here's a small pack of them. :)
ratels02.jpg Here's the colored version, if you can call it that; ratels are pretty much black and white. :D  Being a ratel can be pretty hard work, so I brought in some help. :)
Anyone for a snuggle-pile? :D
ratels03.jpg Three more recruits!
I'm working on a color version of this one; it should be ready by next week. :)
ratels04.jpg Here's the color version of the 7-pack of ratels. :)  In some ways, I like the 4-pack piccie better.  I think it's just a nicer composition.
cat_035.jpg Just a generic cat lady.  I was trying something different with the eyes.
action01.jpg This is a rough sketch of some sort of action pose.
vixen079.jpg Another generic, pointless vixen sketch.  Pretty face, though. :)
vixen080.jpg vixen081.jpg A couple of sketches of a generic pretty vixen.  I'm working up both of these as color piccies. :)

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