General furry sketches (Page 17)

Updated: 8/9/2000

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scheme01.jpg Uh-oh... looks like someone's plotting a harebrained scheme... :D
(I don't know who either of these two are; they just sort of popped into my head.  The piccie makes me think of some sort of 18th century comic opera, though.)
vixwlf01.jpg Just a vixen and a she-wolf.
mice002.jpg This one should be popular with certain of my murine friends.  (Hi Toast! :D )  Ooo! Look! A whole mess o' cute l'il mousies. :) It started out as just another sketch to practice placing multiple characters.
vixen076.jpg Just another pointless sketch of a random vixen.  I think I need to do more pictures that actually depict something! :D
skunk030.jpg Generic skunk-lady with a can of something.  Looks like she's doing a 'curl'.
nocheese.jpg Eh.  This doesn't quite work.  You see, she's supposed to be a mouse, even though she looks like a cat, and she's saying, "No thanks, I don't like cheese."
vixens01.jpg Here's an effort to do a picture that looks like it's telling some sort of a story.  I'm not sure what the story is, though. :D
mouse038.jpg Just a generic mouse-lady.
vixen078.jpg A generic digitigrade vixen sketch.
psally13.jpg I don't know why some people froth at the mouth at Princess Sally piccies.  I think she's cute. :D
mallrat1.jpg It's a mall rat! I see these strange creatures at the mall all the time. :D  Weird and baffling things they are to me, but they're kind of cute in their own way. :)
I'm gonna try to do this up as a color piccie.
faces001.jpg head_033.jpg Pointless heads/faces.
book_001.jpg It's a vixen reading a book; Harry Potter, I think. :)  It looks a bit like Gyngerfox, but wasn't intended to be her.
mallrat2.jpg Here's the color version of the 'mall rat' piccie.  Yes, that's all I wanted to do with the background; It's supposed to look like that. :)
manedw01.jpg An attempt at drawing a maned wolf morph.  Needs work...
skunk031.jpg Generic toon skunkette.  I'm going to do this one up as a color piccie.  And no, I'm not going to color her purple. ;D  Actually, I haven't decided what color to make her yet.
puma_001.jpg Eh.  It's a puma lady.
ferret01.jpg Ferret gal with a gun.  I wanted to do a drawing of a lady fur with a belt slung diagonally across her hips 'cause I think it looks sexy. :)  As the sketch progressed, she turned into some sort of mustelid (and the belt turned into a gun-belt).  The slung belt gives her a sort of slinky look, so a mustelid seemed a natural. :)
ferret02.jpg I was going to make her a mink; she certainly looks like a mink, but I've done quite a few minks already lately, so she's a ferret instead.  Just an accidental creation, but darn, she's a cutie. :D
ferret03.jpg Jeepers.  I might even have to give this one a name. :D

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