General furry sketches (Page 16)

Updated: 8/9/2000

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mousie03.jpg mousie04.jpg I couple more mousie piccies.  I just can't seem to match the look of the original drawing, though.  I guess I just got lucky with that one.
bunny030.jpg bunny031.jpg A couple of generic bunny ladies.
cat_033.jpg A generic cat lady.
pair_001.jpg Another practice piece; working on composing more than one character.  I seem to have difficulty with that, but this one came out ok.  A skunk and vixen, just sort of standing there.
sktch005.jpg Just a couple of sketches.  I roundfile a dozen a week, but I liked both of these doodles enough to save and scan.  The one on the right looks like something's going on, but I have no idea what. :D
head_031.jpg vixen072.jpg Just another couple of pointless head drawings.  I rather like the vixen one, though.
vixen073.jpg A digitigrade vixen sketch.
spike001.jpg Another character drawing request.  This time, a lizard girl named 'Spike', who is ©1999 by her player.
spike002.jpg spike003.jpg Trying to figure out what Spike's face should look like.
spike004.jpg spike005.jpg A couple of test poses of Spike.
sword001.jpg It's, uh.... a cat lady with a sword.  I was going for a kind of Roman legion 'skirt', but it wound up looking more like a cheerleader's outfit.  Buffy the Barbarian? Ah well.  Costumes aren't my forte. :)
vixen074.jpg Just a capering vixen.
head_032.jpg Just a doodle that I think turned out pretty well. :)
swing002.jpg Another capering vixen; this time, swinging from a vine. :)
vixen075.jpg Here's a random seated vixen.  She ended up looking a little melancholy even though that's not really what I'd intended.  It was really just intended as (another) figure study.

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