General furry sketches (Page 15)

Updated: 8/9/2000

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tambi001.jpg tambi002.jpg tambi003.jpg A piccie request.  These are some concept sketches for a skunkette named Tambi Cole.  She's a hiker and a moutaineer, and is ©1999 by her player.
tambi004.jpg tambi005.jpg tambi006.jpg I wasn't crazy about the face and head in the first Tambi Cole concept sketches, so I did these to get a clearer idea of what she should look like.
tambi007.jpg tambi008.jpg tambi009.jpg Pose ideas for the Tambi Cole portrait.  I did the first two because I noticed that I don't do many horizontal format drawings, but I liked #8 enough to use at the basis for the final color portrait.  With some fixing up, of course. :)
bunny029.jpg Just a zaftig bunny lady.  An attempt at a more bunny-like head than my usual style.
cat_031.jpg cat_032.jpg Just a couple of cat ladies.  I rather like the forshortening of the tail-tip in the one on the left.
head_030.jpg 'Nother pointless head.
spear001.jpg Here's a vixen with a spear.  This basically started out as a practice dynamic pose.  I think she's bracing herself to meet an attack, rather than launching an assault.  I believe I was influenced in drawing this piccie by having seen 'Braveheart', where they made equine shish-kabob in one scene. :D
crutch01.jpg It's a one-legged vixen with her crutch.  She doesn't seem to downhearted, though.  Looks like she's got a rather positive outlook on life. :)
mousie01.jpg Aw... It's a cute li'l mousie. :)  She's sort of nervous, and figiting with her paws.
snug001.jpg This started out as a simple exercise to practice composing piccies with more than one character in them (layout's something I need to practice more), but I like the way it came out a lot. :)
mousie02.jpg I got a pretty positive response to the mousie drawing, and I liked it alot myself, so I decided to color it. :)  She's such a cutie.  I should give her a name and draw her some more.
mink_003.jpg Just a generic mink.  Although I was toying with the idea of drawing Ytaya, I don't think this is her.

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