General furry sketches (Page 14)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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vixen067.jpg Generic vixen.  Yawn.
carhop01.jpg Over the 4th of July weekend, I got to watching a bunch of shows on the History Channel about popular food.  They covered hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, etc., telling about the history and showing places around the United States.  Well, somewhere in there, the idea of drawing a fur as your classic 'carhop' popped into my head.
Here's a preliminary sketch.
cat_029.jpg Another yawn.  Generic kitty.  Drawn mostly as figure drawing practice.
head_028.jpg A critter... I'm not sure what species.  I think it looks pretty cool, though.  I think it might be a porcupine.
carhop02.jpg The finished skunk carhop on roller skates drawing.  Turned out her name is Chris, don't ask me why.  Just the name that came to me. :D
bunny028.jpg Another of those more anime bunny girls.  I rather like them.  If you don't, just don't look at it. :)
cat_030.jpg vixen068.jpg Just a couple more heads; a cat and a vixen.  The vixen looks like she's either very unhappy or very happy. ;D
lion_005.jpg A sketch I did of a lion in an effort to figure out how to draw Cleopatra's leotaur body.  I really don't have much experience with drawing animals, oddly enough. :D
head_029.jpg An attempt at something slightly different...
vixen069.jpg ...and an attempt at just more of the same old thing. :D
spsknk01.jpg I had an idea to draw a space-skunk... Eh.
skunk024.jpg A buff skunk lady. :)
snarl001.jpg I don't think she wants you to buy her a drink, but thanks for asking. :)
crouch01.jpg This was a pose experiment.
vixen070.jpg vixen071.jpg Generic vixen sketches. (yawn)
skunk026.jpg skunk027.jpg Skunkies! :)  Pretty face on the left.  The one on the right was supposed to be smoothing back her headfur, but she came out looking more like she'd been bapped in the head. :D

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