General furry sketches (Page 13)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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blnite02.jpg blnite03.jpg A couple of concept sketches for a piccie of BlueNight, the lizard boy.  ©1999 by his human.
vixen062.jpg vixhd_02.jpg Just a couple of generic vixen sketches.  The one to the left is a bit of an experiment with different headfur.  I think that headfur style is copied (badly) from Jennifer 'PacRat' Rodrigues.
ragpaw01.jpg ragpaw02.jpg Another piccie request. :)  These are preliminary concepts for 'Michelle Ragpaw', who is ©1999 by her hy00man.  Oh, she's a red squirrel, if you couldn't tell. :)
ragpaw03.jpg ragpaw04.jpg ragpaw05.jpg Some more sketches of the Michelle Ragpaw character, trying to work out the character design with her player.
ragpaw06.jpg Here's the rough pencil drawing for the final portrait.
vixen063.jpg Another pencil drawing that I got a good response too, so I worked it up into a color drawing.
vixen064.jpg Ooo! I like the way this turned out. :)  Could those eyes be any bigger, though? :D
vixen065.jpg This one, on the other paw, is rather lame.  An experiment in hair that doesn't really work. :/
celst001.jpg celst002.jpg If you looked at my "early efforts" page, you'll have seen some old drawings I did of a skunk character named 'Celeste McCoy'.  I hadn't thought about this character in years (literally), and decided to see what she'd look like if I drew her now.  I seem to be able to draw her quite a bit better now than I could back then. :D  She's too tall in these two pictures, though.
celst003.jpg celst004.jpg celst005.jpg Better....  The one in the middle here looks closest to what I had in mind, but the headfur isn't right.  Looks too much like HoneyBadger's.
celst008.jpg celst010.jpg Ah, these are better.  The headfur shouldn't swoop up at the end.

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