General furry sketches (Page 12)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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broo_013.jpg broo_014.jpg A couple more attempts at drawing Lysozyme's Blue Roo.  I think I'm going to have to give up on trying to draw her.  I can do ok with her head, but I Just can't get the hang of drawing her roo body.
cat_027.jpg A pretty cat lady, just kind of standing there.
jumprope.jpg volleyball.jpg A couple of sporty, action poses. :)  I think they're surprisingly wooden for action pictures, though. :D
crit_017.jpg I think I started to draw a vixen, but then hung a cat tail on her for some reason... so I'm not sure what kind of critter this is. :D  I like the pose, though. :)
vixen052.jpg Just another pretty vixen. :)
cat_028.jpg Another cat girl, only with a somewhat less idealized figure than most.  Did you know that some women with a figure like this actually think that they're not attractive? Sheesh. :D
coffee01.jpg I have so much trouble thinking of poses, and most of my pictures tend to show furs just standing or sitting around.  Ah well.  Here's an attempt at a picture that seems to actually depict something.
Speaking of female attractiveness, women also think that they look like hell first thing in the morning. :D  I think most guys rather like the tousled, drowsy look. :)
vixen053.jpg vixen054.jpg A couple of piccies of a dancing vixen.  Actually, she may be just cavorting.  I'm quite please with these two, particularly the one on the left. :)
vixen056.jpg A vixen, looking pretty.  I think she looks a bit like Gyngerfox. :)
broo_015.jpg Here's my take on Juan 'Lysozyme' Crespo's Blue Roo.  I know she's a little light, but my pencils don't go dark enough in the blues.  One advantage of computer coloring, I guess. :)  Oh, Blue Roo (and her French cousin 'Bleu Roo') are ©1999 by Juan Crespo, and I drew her with permission.
groggy01.jpg Here's a touched up and colored version of the groggy vixen piccie. :)
vixen057.jpg Generic vixen striking a pose.  Cute, though. :)
cheese03.jpg Say cheese! :D  Flawed drawing, but I like the face. :)  Oh, and the hair's a little different than what I usually do.
dance_03.jpg Dancin' vixen.  I think this turned out well. :)
vixen060.jpg Kind of a little vixen.  I imagine Vixlet on FurryMUCK to look something like this, but I didn't have her in mind when I did the sketch.
vixen061.jpg Just another generic vixen sketch.
mouse033.jpg ...and a generic mouse sketch.  Looks like someone slammed a door 'off camera', or something.

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