General furry sketches (Page 11)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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bwsknk04.jpg bwsknk05.jpg bwsknk06.jpg More concept sketches for B.W. Skunk, toony this time.  B.W. Skunk is ©1999 by his hy00man.
howto_01.jpg howto_02.jpg A friend asked me for some drawing tips.  I don't know how useful these might be, but they show the stages I would go through in doing a couple of simple drawings.
otter007.jpg Issa otter-girl. :)
batbat01.jpg batbat02.jpg batbat03.jpg Some attempts at drawing batbats....  Needs a lot of work.
batbat04.jpg A batbat head.  Better, I think. :)
beautyc1.jpg It's a beauty contest! Aw, they're all so cute.  Who could choose? :)
bwsknk07.jpg bwsknk08.jpg B.W. Skunk prefered the non-toony version of the character, so here are a couple more concept sketches for his portrait.
awolf001.jpg awolf002.jpg Another piccie request; a lady arctic wolf.  I don't know if she has a name yet.  Here are a couple of concept sketches.
awolf003.jpg awolf004.jpg A couple more concept sketches.  I was told that the jeans need to be baggier.  Clothing's not really my forte. :)
awolf005.jpg Here's the final concept sketch.  I hope to start turning it into a color drawing this weekend.
vixen049.jpg A generic vixen.  I was looking at the fantastic work of Mayra Boyle for some ideas on how to better draw bodies.  You might see a good bit of her influence here.
vixen050.jpg Another general 'body study'.

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