General furry sketches (Page 10)

Updated: 8/8/2000

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mink_002.jpg Another generic critter sketch, this time a mink.
head_027.jpg Just a little doodle I thought worth saving from the round file. :)
sbunny01.jpg This week's prize piece: A Space Bunny! I like this piccie more than any I've done in some time.
broo_008.jpg broo_009.jpg Lysozyme suggested I have a go at drawing his character, the Blue Roo.  Well, I think the character's really cool, so I decided to try. :)  I've spared you the first round of sketches, which were pretty bad.  I'm starting to figure her out now, though.
broo_010.jpg broo_011.jpg A couple more Blue Roo sketches.  At first, I tried to copy the way Lysozyme draws her eyes, but I have better luck drawing her eyes in my style.  I think she still looks like herself, though.
broo_012.jpg Here's an attempt at drawing the Blue Roo's body.  She's shaped rather differently from the characters I usually draw, and it's taking me a while to get the hang of her.
cat_023.jpg ...and to round out the week's uploads: here's a long-legged cat-lady.
cat_024.jpg I just know I'm gonna catch heck for this picture.  I saw a drawing by Dark Kitten depicting a bat opening a vein with a stiletto.  A rather powerful piece.  Well, I wanted to see if I could do a piccie with some emotional impact.  That's all there is to it, really. :)
cat_025.jpg Okay! Okay! She's fine, see? And feeling much better.  Relax! :D
gracie06.jpg This is a bunny by the name of Gracie.  She's not the Easter Bunny; she's just playing the part. :)
gracie07.jpg I liked the sketch well enough to turn it into a nice color piccie.  Happy Easter! :)
psally10.jpg Princess Sally Acorn.  I'm not sure if this is Sally from FurryMUCK or the character from the comics and cartoons.  The latter in this picture, I think.
skunk023.jpg Weird looking skunk face.
crit_016.jpg Just a critter.  I like the way the face came out, though.
bats_001.jpg Last night I was asked if I'd drawn any batbat piccies.  I could have sworn that I'd drawn quite a few, but I guess none of the sketches were worth scanning.  Looking through my stuff, all I could find was this old page of sketches.  I'll have to have another go at it.
bwsknk01.jpg bwsknk02.jpg bwsknk03.jpg Another piccie request, this time for one B.W. Skunk.  Here are some concept sketches, non-toony.

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