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Updated: 10/23/2004

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Some larger color drawings of some Furry friends, and my characters.

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crystal003.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of crystal002.jpg.

For those of you who didn't catch the reference in the pencil version, it's from the Dark Crystal. :)  I really should have found a reference for the costumes in the movie, and drawn Sparks and Vu wearing those, but I was too lazy.  I figured innocently unclothed was sufficiently fairy-like. :)

spacevixenvu002.jpg Inked and colored version of spacevixenvu001.jpg: Sexy Space Vixen Vu, peeling out of her combat jumpsuit.
SWG004.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of SWG001.jpg: Mwerevu wearing a costume that players of Star Wars: Galaxies might find familiar.
Halloween2003c.jpg Ah, made it in time for the last update before Halloween.

Here is the inked and colored version of Halloween2003p.jpg: Mwerevu and Sparks in their Halloween costumes.

fruit004.jpg HoneyBadger bringing someone a tempting bowl of fruit.
cavefurs002.jpg Inked, colored, and muddily scanned version of cavefurs001.jpg.
pet011.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of pet009.jpg.
nekkidvixiehugs002.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of nekkidvixiehugs001.jpg.

There's nothing like nekkidvixie hugs - not to mention sage nekkidvixie advice and counseling - to make one feel better when life hands you a body slam.

Thanks for listening, Ami, and for being a friend.

hy00manHoney002.jpg Here's the inked and colored version of hy00manHoney001.jpg: what HoneyBadger might look like if she were a human. :)

I think that pear-shaped, modest-busted women are really ky00t, and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this. ^_^

Oh, and just for the record: I'm a guy.
HoneyBadger is a character of mine, but she is not me.
Sparks is more like the real me, only cuter and fluffier. :)
I just wouldn't want to deceive anyone.

Candy_02.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of Candy_01.jpg, a requested portrait of a dear departed sugar glider angel, which I configured to be a wallpaper. :)
Mystie16.jpg Here is a picture that I think is greatly improved by adding color.  I was pretty happy with the pencil version, but I think that color really defines the character. :)  Anyhow, this is Mystarasilkember of FurryMUCK, in her saucy anthro dragon form. :)
Tru003.jpg Ok here she is, all inked and colored, with her arm fixed from the pencil version. :)

Tru is ©2004 by Molly Mangual.

KittyVanTreblis002.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of this pencil drawing. It's Kitty VanTreblis, a very classy cat lady. :)

I'm afraid I didn't get her coloring quite right - she should be more of a dark umber.  Other than that, I think it's a nice portrait. :)

Mmm... espresso and a biscotti at an outdoor café....  In Paris? In Rome? In Hoboken? :)
Wherever the location, it is clearly enhanced by her presence. :)

Cassandra002.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of Cassandra001.jpg, a punkish, fairy-ish, winged (ish?) cheetah gal. :)
Ms_Clumz-E_and_Bunny_002.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of Ms_Clumz-E_and_Bunny.jpg.  I think it turned out very nicely, even if I did take forever to finally do it. :)
Makia002.jpg A long overdue portrait request, here is the inked and colored version of Makia001.jpg.  Makia of FurryMUCK, shopping for furniture.  I mean CDs.
Karazynn_Silvereye_002.jpg Inked and colored version of Karazynn_Silvereye_001.jpg, a character portrait of a cat girl from around 3004.  Although I wouldn't turn my back on her (particularly when she's been drinking), I think she has a certain rough charm. ;)
AIMicon002.jpg Here's the inked and colored version of AIMicon001.jpg, the full-sized artwork for my AIM icon (which I also ended up using in LJ).  I'm not entirely happy with it, and may have a go at doing a better one, but it will do for now. The pose is lackluster, and there are actually a couple of details which are 'off model' for Sparks... I don't know what I was thinking, that I messed up on drawing my own character. :D
relaxing003.jpg Inked and colored version of relaxing002.jpg, Ceyna Indigo and Sparks, just lounging around and chatting. :)
minkinboots002.jpg Ytaya photographs herself modeling her new boots, with some help from her 'assistant'. ^_^

I know that the character is supposed to have dark headfur, but I just can't seem to stop myself from coloring her off-model, as a blonde like her player.  Sorry. :)

Oh, and this is the inked and colored version of minkinboots001.jpg.

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