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Updated: 10/8/2004

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Some larger color drawings of some Furry friends, and my character.

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buzz006.jpg Here's the colored version of buzz005.jpg.  I fixed up her arms and paws a bit, too.  Anita 'Buzz' Brambles, enjoying a nice stretch. :)

Buzz is ©2001 by 'Angry' Dave Stauber.

poledancer005.jpg poledancer006.jpg Here are the colored versions of poledancer003.jpg and poledancer004.jpg.  HoneyBadger, working at her part-time job.  It seems that not all of her tips are in cash. :)  More to follow. :D
poledancer009.jpg Another piccie of HoneyBadger as a pole dancer. :)
pose_005.jpg Aifa striking a body-builder pose, with a bit of help from HoneyBadger. :)

Aifa is ©2001 by her player.

mystie13.jpg Mystarasilkember, in forest cat form, enjoying a nice spring day by studying outdoors under a tree. :)

Mystarasilkember is ©2001 by her player.

mystie14.jpg Mystarasilkember, in forest cat form, steppin' out. :)  Kind of a retro 60's look, no? :)  

*hugs*  God bless, Mystie.  You know we all love you.

Mystarasilkember is ©2001 by her player.

HawaiianBuzz002.jpg Ah, a color piccie of Anita Brambles enjoying a nice vacation out on the islands.  I think she's getting ready to climb that palm to fetch a coconut or two. :)
I considered titling this picture, 'Wanna lei?', but decided against it. :)

Anita 'Buzz' Brambles is ©2001 by 'Angry' Dave Stauber.

mwerevu004.jpg Here's the inked and colored Mwerevu portrait.  I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out; I hope it does a reasonable job of capturing her personality.  I'm not sure what system that is.  Playstation? Dreamcast? I'm not really up on my consoles -- I stopped at the Sega CD.

Mwerevu is ©2001 by her player.

kitsu003.jpg Kitsu Silkfur: pirate, lyncher, all-around party kitsune. :D

Kitsu Silkfur is ©2001 by her player.

nildrobrau005.jpg Ooo.  I'm quite happy with the way this turned out.  I hope I got Nildro Hain's coloring about right.  Here's Nildro Hain in a traditional German drindl, serving up real beer, not that lousy American swill. ;)

Nildro Hain is ©2001 by her player.

taurwash002.jpg Taurwash! Drake enjoys the complimentary beverage and Hostess fruit pie, while Mavra prefers to feed her mind while waiting her turn. :)
Yeah, I know I'm not the first to do this concept, and the picture is hampered by my obvious lack of facility with equine anatomy, but I rather like it anyway. :)  This is probably the most complicated picture I've done to date.

Drake, Mavra, and Bigears are the intellectual property of their respective players.

nrrdgrrl002.jpg Here's the color version of nrrdgrrl001.jpg.  Basically, a bizarre synthesis of HoneyBadger as a pole dancer, and as a nrrdgrrl 8-bit vintage computer junkie. :D
(Yeah, I know I said I wouldn't try to explain it, but too many people seemed to think there might be some deep meaning to the picture, or some joke to 'get'.  There isn't. :D )
technobadger002.jpg Here's the color version of technobadger002.jpg: HoneyBadger as a sort of comic book space cadet. :)
halloween002.jpg Mwerevu and Sparks in their Halloween costumes.
FurryGang004.jpg Here's the completed group portrait of the Furry Gang.  Joe, the wolf, Fru, the sugar glider, and Mudd, the fox are all the intellectual property of their respective players. :)
leisure003.jpg Here is the inked and colored version of leisure002.jpg .  Nothing like a nice, relaxing afternoon at home.  Having pizza for lunch, then snuggling on the couch and playing video games.
goodmorning002.jpg Here's the colored version of goodmorning001.jpg.
valentine002.jpg Happy Valentine's Day.
toons002.jpg Attack!!! Here are Mwerevu and Sparks, leaping into toony battle. :D

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