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Updated: 6/22/2001

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Some larger color drawings of some Furry friends, and my character.

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noct009.jpg A picture request: This is Nocturnal, a siamese cat lady.  I had to push my ability a bit to get this one done, but I think it turned out pretty well.  I learned alot doing it, too.
fred002.jpg A piccie request: Fredrick the skunk, who is copyright 2000 by his player.
honeyb21.jpg Color version of HoneyBadger in an anime-ish pose.
mavra005.jpg HoneyBadger hugs Mavra's leg... perhaps a little too enthusiastically. :)

Mavra is ©2000 by her player.

aylah013.jpg Here's a color portrait of Aylah, the slinky vixen.  Aylah is ©2000 by her player.
gynger72.jpg With all due apologies to Norman Rockwell. :D  Gyngerfox is ©2000 by her player.
implnts2.jpg Here's a color workup of the 'implants' piccie.  It's HoneyBadger with a few... 'enhancements'. :D  The kind the fanboys like.  Are they an improvement? ;)
honeyb24.jpg A color workup of the piccie of HoneyBadger licking her fang.  I think it turned out well. :)
suzie008.jpg Here's a color workup of the sketch of Suzie Skunk at the pool.  The suit and bow are supposed to be red, not pink, but the scanner lightened them up a bit.

Suzie is ©2000 by her player.

suzie009.jpg Several people, including Suzie's player, said that they liked the suzie001.jpg sketch best, so I decided to work it up as a color portrait.  I think it turned out pretty well. :)
popcrn02.jpg Here's HoneyBadger licking the Tabasco sauce off of Toast after he'd jumped into her popcorn.  I really can't recommend popcorn sprinkled with Tabasco enough.  I saw it once in a show about Guam and gave it a try.  It's great, but pretty darned hot. :D

Toast is ©2000 by John Peterson.

maid002.jpg HoneyBadger, looking a little miffed at getting stuck with a goofy get-up and clean-up duties. :D
honeyb31.jpg HoneyBadger seems to be an ordinary, mild-mannered ratel.  But when the subject turns to old, vintage 8-bit computers, she undergoes a startling transformation, turning into the amazing NrrdGrrl! :D
beep002.jpg Bigears trying to beep his mama's nose.  She's holding him at arm's length, so he can't quite reach. :D

Bigears is ©2000 by Richard Story.

krats003.jpg Here's a picture of Kratsminsch of FurryMUCK preparing her Holiday outfit. :)  Kratsminsch is ©2000 by her player.
krsqdg04.jpg A piccie for Ytaya of FurryMUCK, showing her with Toast wedged into his customary spot. (kersquidge!) :)

Ytaya is ©2000 by her player.
Toast is ©2000 by John Peterson.

pgybck03.jpg Here's a long overdue piccie.  Sparks giving Ceyna Indigo a piggy-back ride. :)

Ceyna Indigo is ©2000 by her player.

xmas002.jpg Merry Winter Festivities of your choice to one and all! :D

Here, HoneyBadger holds up Bigears so he can dangle a sprig of holly over Blackbird's head.  I think it was supposed to be a sprig of mistletoe, but it's holly. :)

Bigears is ©2000 by Richard Story, and Blackbird is ©2000 by her player.

buzz003.jpg Hmm.  I'm not sure this picture needs much explanation.  Anita 'Buzz' Brambles; She's cute, and she has donuts. :)  She's also ©2001 by 'Angry' Dave Stauber.
poker002.jpg Here's a color version of poker001.jpg.  It's HoneyBadger playing poker.  Is she bluffing, or are you about to lose your undies? ;D

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