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Updated: 8/10/2000

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Some larger color drawings of some Furry friends, and my character.

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holly007.jpg Here's Holly's color portrait. :)
switch02.jpg And the final piccie.  In this one, Bigears has somehow managed to switch color patterns with his mama. :D
tanora08.jpg tanora09.jpg Here are the finished color drawings of Tanora, the Wolfette on FurryMUCK.  I got a surprise day off from work on Monday, so I did the one with the two head shots. :)
tambi010.jpg Here's the final color portrait of Tambi Cole.  She's an outdoorsy gal; a hiker and mountaineer, and she's ©1999 by her player. :)
salt004.jpg Here's the color piccie of Oliver sprinkling salt on Blackbird's tail.  An allusion to the old wive's tail that you can catch a bird by sprinkling salt on its tail.
The salt effect was a bit tough to get.  I ended up using a bit of typewriter correction tape and tap-tapping it with the point of a pen knife. :D
gyng_dr4.jpg Uh-oh....  It looks like Gyngerfox still hasn't learned her lesson about not going to toony skunk doctors. :D
Good luck and God bless on your surgery.  I'm sure you'll come through it just fine. *kiss*
kamida17.jpg Kamida! The little skunk girl from FurryMUCK.  She's a sweetie, and a good source of free truffles. ;)
Kamida is ©1999 by her player.
shenj006.jpg Shenjii! Ain't she cute? :)  Here's the finished color portrait.  Hope you like it. :)
ally011.jpg Here's the color portrait of Ally (©1999 by Claire).  Someone pointed out that she resembles Lara Croft. :D
I think the picture turned out well, although the scan is a tad 'muddy'.
honeyb12.jpg Here's HoneyBadger trying on her Christmas sweater; a gift from her adopted kit, Bigears.
honeyb14.jpg This is what happens when good ratels go bad.  A sort of combination punk and post-apocalyptic paramilitary Evil HoneyBadger.
sessa009.jpg sessa010.jpg Here are the color portraits of Sessa.  I really liked the sketch of her showing off her markings, but wanted to do a portrait of her in her usual outfit, so I just did both.  I think she looks adorable either way. :)
feisar08.jpg Here's Feisar the 'generic' toonish skunkette of FurryMUCK.  She's copyright 2000 by Pat Mangual.
ytaya003.jpg Ytaya (Minkus slinkius) in a skimpy, sheer nightie.  Mmmm... yummy. ;D  Down boys!

Ytaya is ©2000 by her player.

snow003.jpg Actually, I'm kind of sick of snow.  I want it to be spring already. :D
honeyb18.jpg Valentine's Day piccie #1: HoneyBadger, all dolled up for the 14th, looking cute. :D
sparks26.jpg Valentine's Day piccie #2: Sparks, also all dolled up and also trying to look cute, with somewhat less success. :D  As I worked on this picture, it looked sillier and sillier to me as I went along.  I've come to the conclusion that while the female form is inherently a thing of beauty, the male form is, well, more a source of hilarity. :D
(P.S. You'd have to get me pretty darned drunk before I'd dress up like this RL. :D )
honeyb20.jpg HoneyBadger in an anime-ish pose.  I should probably have just titled this one 'HineyBadger' and been done with it. :D  Yes, I was practicing drawing behinds when I did this; didn't Honey's butt turn out cute, though? ;D

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