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Updated: 8/10/2000

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Some larger color drawings of some Furry friends, and my character.

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jack_lar.jpg Sort of a wedding present for Jackrabbit and Lariana of FurryMUCK.
enls_hb2.jpg HoneyBadger, nestled comfortably in Enalios' coils.   This was drawn for Captain Packrat's fanzine; Issue #2 of 'The Burrow'.   It's been out for a while now, and he said it was ok to upload it here.
skpsmkr1.jpg Skippy and Smucker, the squirrel cousins.   Why don't they just climb the tree? I don't know.   I didn't think of it, maybe they didn't either.
belind08.jpg This is Belinda, a bunny lady from Furtoonia.   I drew her based on a description on a note handed to me by her alt on FurryMUCK.   Is that convoluted enough for you?
alpha_02.jpg My portrait of Alpha_X-ray of FurryMUCK in one of her 'outfits'.   In this case, Ollie Canal inspired body paint... and nothing else. :D   Oh, and if you're wondering.  Yes, she's 'in the family way'. :D   (Not mine, I swear. :D )
Another one yanked from Yerf by Scotty Arsenault.  I think he's a little overzealous.   I mean, look at Ken Singshow's stuff.  I thought unclothed was fine if you don't have any 'naughty bits'.
juli_007.jpg A color portrait of Juli of FurryMuck.  I like the face on the sketch of this pose better than the final version.
ceyna030.jpg Finally, a nice color piccie of Ceyna Indigo, using the pose from ceyna025.jpg.
leloni01.jpg This is a color piccie of Leloni Bunny that I did some time back, but it took a while to get upload permission from her.  I'd pretty much decided that she didn't like it for some reason.
gyng_dr3.jpg Here's a picture based on Gynger's recent visit to the doctor (and uploaded with her permission. :D )  I think there's a lesson here for all of us: be wary of toony doctors. :D
gynger37.jpg Gyngerfox doing her 'Shell Dance'.  It started with her commenting that she had a craving for Kraft 'Shells and Macaroni', which became 'Shells and Macarena'.   The rest just followed naturally. Oh, what's keeping the shells on? Modesty, of course. :)
gynger38.jpg Gyngerfox in a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit.  She certainly looks enthusiastic. :)
acorn001.jpg Acorn wanted a picture of himself.  Well, I knew, from the Bianca piccies, that he's partial to toony balloon-breasts, so....
sweets04.jpg Here's Sweets' portrait.  I like the way it turned out. :)
tygger03.jpg Here's the final piccie; Tygger getting pounced by her son, Donovan.  Both characters are copyright 1998 by Tygger Graf, although I'd think Donovan would be copyright himself. :D
bbf002.jpg Big Blue Fox.  Ever notice how those darn pencil leads seem to get as brittle as chalk when the weather gets dry? :/
redaac01.jpg I got to meet Gene Catlow at AAC '98 in Albany, and even had my picture taken with him (never saw the photo, though).  He asked me why I didn't draw more, and I mumbled something incoherent about being busy with work.  I think he must have thought I was brain-damaged or something. :D  I think the date on this picture offers a better explanation of why I don't get more drawings done, though; I'm just plain slow! :D
esd_002.jpg Electro Sun Dog! The electric Basenji. :)  Here's the finished portrait.  Check out her site at
gynger44.jpg Gynger Claus! Have you been good this year? :)  Gyngerfox in one of those cutie santa suits.
gynger49.jpg The complete colored second piccie of Gyngerfox in a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader's outfit.  I think it's pretty cute, but not as lively as the first one I did.
kellyf02.jpg This is a piccie I did for Kelly Hamilton's birthday.  It shows her Kellyfur character (copyright 1999 by Kelly Hamilton) looking less than thrilled at her party. :D
Actually, I don't think Kellyfur is a character on FurryMUCK, but it still seems that this is the right section to put this in.  It's a real person's furry alter-ego.

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