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Updated: 8/10/2000

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Some larger color drawings of some Furry friends, and my character.

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jacob.jpg Jacob.  I think this picture's a bit too toony for his taste.
bigears2.jpg Bigears.
krin_crt.jpg Krin, who really loves his giant carrot. (and yes, it's _meant_ to be suggestive.)
honey_b1.jpg Portrait of my character.  The expression was and attempt to inject a bit of personality.  It would be a pretty lifeless portrait without it.
mililan1.jpg Mililani with her super-soaker.  Possibly my favorite drawing.  I tried to keep to her desc as much as possible, like the red hair, the brown socks and gloves, but I took some liberties.  First, I couldn't resist the fox pony tail hair.  Second, her desc says a red blouse and skirt... With her coloring? Not that I'm a fashion expert, but that's just _too_ much red!
raster03.jpg A color picture of Raster.  A little bland, I think.
fuzzb_03.jpg Portrait of Fuzzybear.
partyroo.jpg Spaceroo! I really like the way this one came out.  This drawing is really better than I'm able to do.  The sketches didn't look anywhere near as good, but everything just sort of 'clicked' when I did the final drawing.
Sondra_1.jpg Sondra, the morphic sea horse from FurryMUCK.  Thanks to Joel Butler who figured out what a morphic sea horse should look like.  BTW, Sondra is six inches tall.
Bubby_01.jpg Bubbycat.  I think it's a bit too toony.
Strngpw1.jpg Strongpaw, the grey fox from FurryMUCK pounces and unsuspecting (?!) Bigears.
catbrglr.jpg A Gwendel picture.  The idea of drawing a feline furry as a 'cat burglar' may be painfully obvious, but once it had occured to me, I just had to give it a try.
skunker2.jpg Skunker of FurryMUCK.  It came out better than the Errol picture 'cause I'm better at toony drawings.  Check out the Fifi LaFume on the shirt. :)
artmice1.jpg Samwise, experienced FurryMUCK artist, and Toast, notorious chaosmouse, draw each other.  I'm rather proud of my interpretation of Toast's chaos-shirt.
ftstoat1.jpg FTStoat of FurryMUCK.  I couldn't think of an interesting pose, so he's just sort of standing there... Oh, did you know that a stoat in its white, winter coat is technically an ermine?
whap.jpg Bigears @whapping Raster with a nerf bat.  This was done for issue #1 of Captain Packrat's fanzine.  But that's been out for a while, now, and he said it was ok to post it.
gingcak1.jpg Ginger's (Copyright Jessica Willard) birthday piccie.
ad_book2.jpg Austin Dern of FurryMuck, sitting on the bookshelf in HoneyBadger's burrow.   This was done for issue #1 of Captain Packrat's fanzine.
a_skunk1.jpg A portrait of AltarSkunk of FurryMUCK.  He said the chest looked too puffed out.  Well, I happen to like fluffy fur, so there! :P
gynger10.jpg The final piccie of Gyngerfox of FurryMUCK, compulsively doing the Macarena. :D

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