Updated: 8/10/2000

I've wanted to try my hand at animation for some time.  I finally broke down and bought a light box to help with tracing, and I'm ready to give it a go.  I plan to start with just very rough sketches while learning the tricks of laying out motion.  It should be a bit quicker that way, as opposed to trying to draw dozens of complete pictures. :D

Oh.  No, the thumbnails are not supposed to be animated.

sndra_s4.gif Very rough animation.  It's supposed to be Sandra Skunk waving.
head_020.gif This was a learning experiment.  It was supposed to be five frames, but when it started to go wrong, I decided to cut my losses. :D  I did learn, however, that it works better (for me, at least) to lay out the rough sketches of each frame before trying to do any of the details.  The details make it hard to see where to lay out the 'tween' frames.
point001.gif Another learning experiment, this time working on layout.
test0001.gif A very rough pencil test of a waving tail.  The movement needs a good deal of touching up.
sweets08.gif Here's an animation of Sweets with her tail waving.  On this one, I tried to draw the body for each frame.  Result: squigglevision. :/
sweets08b.gif Here's the same animation, only with a single body drawing and just an animated tail.  Now the result is a bit too wooden.  I suppose the middle ground would be to have the entire figure moving a little, to hide the squigglies.

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